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Support Telomere Length

The results confirm and expand previous work on the genetics of telomere length, while acknowledging that the effect of lithium may be limited to a small number of cells in the human body, rather than the entire body. Although ageing is a complex process, we have found a clear - and well-defined - biomarker of ageing at the cellular level: the length of telomerase, the protective layer of the cell. While researchers are linking aging and disease, the breed is in the process of understanding the factors that determine the length of the teloreceptor. We note that our results provide the first direct evidence of the role of lithium in aging, which has been poorly understood at both cellular and molecular levels. Sources: 7, 9, 14, 16
In our study, current family and social support had a positive relationship with telomere length, but unsurprisingly not against the historical burden of childhood stress. However, this small study provides a good basis for recent research on the role of stress in the development of teloreceptors and the effects of lithium on telomerase. Alternatively, social support may play a protective role by buffering the effects of stress on telomere length, which shortens the rate of cell replication, and mitigating the negative effects of stress on telomeres. Sources: 5, 8
Understanding how telomere length is regulated is crucial to realizing the potential benefits of lithium in the development of teloreceptors and other cell types, "Rivera said. We focus on the role of stress and social support in supporting telitere structure and function in human health. Sources: 11, 14
On the surface, it seems desirable to strike a balance between maintaining and increasing telomere length and telomerase activity. Since telomeres can shorten in the context of aging and be maintained and prolonged by telomerase, it is logical that interventions modulating the telomerasing duo of teloreceptors represent a chance to prevent, delay, or minimize the degenerative diseases associated with age. Sources: 6, 11
However, it is unwise to say that increasing telomere length by pharmacological or nutraceutical means is advisable, as it can cause undesirable side effects. Sources: 6
Matt Kaeberlein, who studies the molecular basis of aging at the University of Washington, says: "By measuring telomere length in the blood, we are actually reporting a well-functioning immune stem cell. When we measure the length of a single cell, such as a blood stem cell, we need to think about how much work the stem cell does and how often it is supported by a particular tissue. Sources: 1, 2
Analysis of telomere structure, function and biology will be crucial to clarify the role of lithium in maintaining telomere length and structure. Vitamins C and E can limit the effects of the shortening of telotechnologies, such as those found in blood stem cells, on short- and long-term telomeres. On the other hand, the critical telomerase length can lead to a fusion of the chromosomes by the NHEJ mechanism or to the telomeres uncapping. Future longitudinal studies to assess the effect of lithium on age - the associated disease risk is likely to be based on confirmation that gene transcripts are the primary mediator in lithium tele - will prolong the effects on teloneurons. Sources: 3, 9, 12
Finally, it should be borne in mind that genetic factors only make up a small proportion of the overall effect of lithium on telomere length and structure. It is difficult to interpret the effects of other factors such as age - specific changes in telomerase activity, given the age of each individual. Sources: 3, 6
Although it can take months or years for telomeres to change significantly, the authors write, "we should focus on maintaining healthy habits rather than being obsessed with telomerase activity at a certain point in time or telomere length," they write. It seems to be a matter of time before you stay healthy, not if you get an illness or actually die, but rather when. Sources: 15, 17
Previous laboratory and epidemiological findings support several plausible biological pathways, including changes in cell and immune function [22], and maternal stress during pregnancy is associated with shorter offspring telomeres [23]. However, this work does not cover cellular aging, such as telomerase length, as a marker. Finally, the study did not include an analysis of newborn telomere length, but was conducted in mammals, particularly in humans, which have little or no somatic telomerase production. Sources: 0, 8, 18
The current data show the importance of telomere length as a biomarker of cellular aging in the development of Alzheimer's disease. We are now studying dementia sufferers and seeing how various ways of reducing their stress can improve the biomarkers of ageing, including telomerase length. Sources: 8, 17
The possibility of offering telomere length as part of a genetic test is intriguing, because the genetic material that protects telomeres is protected by telomerase, the enzyme responsible for repairing the chromosomes in the cell. Sources: 13
Comparative genomic work has shown that lithium can moderate the expression of genes that control telomere length, and this may be a mechanism by which lithium prolongs telomeres in patients with bipolar disorder. This novel telomerase loop mechanism implies that progressive teliter shortening can affect cell physiology and age-related diseases, such as aging, as telomeres become incurably short and trigger DNA damage signals. Lifestyle is an important factor in telomyelitis, a disease of the heart, brain and spinal cord, so length could be an important determinant of a patient's long-term wellbeing. It might explain how some of us age more or less than others, with decisions we make every day. 

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Support Your Telomeres With The Right Nutrients!

Al Sears, MD
11905 Southern Blvd.
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411

Health Conscious Reader,
Mainstream medicine will tell you that at a certain age everyone's inevitably starts deteriorating and there's nothing you can do about it because EVERYTHING ages and dies.
I know it sounds a bit absurd, because you've been raised to believe this all your life. But the truth is, there are creatures who defy old age and death EVERY DAY.
Creatures that don't have increased mortality rates with age, don't suffer from age-related diseases and can continue reproducing indefinitely!
When I started investigating how they do it, what I discovered turns everything we know about aging on its head. This miraculous secret could unlock a new era of people growing old WITHOUT aging.
Read below to get the full story.
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS
Can You Grow Old…
BREAKTHROUGH DNA technology makes the impossible possible. Anti-Aging Doctor shows you how…
Dear Health Conscious Reader,
All animals grow old and die — it's an inevitable fact of life. Except that it actually isn't.
While it's true that all animals do eventually die, not all of them grow old.
Take Adwaita, for instance. He was a giant tortoise that died at the ripe old age of 256. But he didn't die because he got old.
He died from liver failure caused by an injury that cracked open his shell. If he had received proper medical care, he probably would have lived even longer.
The amazing thing about Adwaita isn't even how old he was when he died.
It's that he never aged.
And he's not the only one. That's because turtles don't age in the way humans do either. While the number of years they've been alive may go up, biologically they stay the same.
Unlike us, turtles:
  • Don't have an increased mortality rate with aging 1
  • Don't suffer from any diseases related to old age 2
  • Don't lose their reproductive capacity with age — in fact, females' capacity actually increases throughout their lifespan 3
How is this possible?
Through a special youth-enhancing mechanism found in their cells. One that remains unchanged throughout the duration of their lives. Studies have even shown that this mechanism is exactly the same size in baby turtles as it is in adult turtles.4
And we have this same exact mechanism in our own cells. But unlike turtles, ours shortens with age — leading to biological aging.
But by controlling this mechanism, you can keep your system young indefinitely. You can maintain the vital body, heart, mind, and physical prowess of your youth. 
And thankfully now you can. Because my breakthrough discovery allows you to naturally activate this key youth-enhancing mechanism…
Tiny “Life Lines” in Your Cells are the Key
to Youthful Energy and a Joyful Life!
If you’re a regular reader, you may have already guessed that I’m talking about your telomeres.
Your telomeres are the little caps at the end of your chromosomes. In other words, they protect your DNA from unraveling. And that's about all they teach you — even in medical school.
But there's a growing body of exciting research about the true nature of your telomeres.
They control how your cells age. As you get older and your cells divide more and more, your telomeres get shorter. And eventually, when telomeres in a cell get too short, that cell stops working.
These “dormant” cells get in the way of other cells trying to do their jobs. And they're a big reason aging isn't such a pleasant process…
Why you feel tired and achy all the time…
Why it's hard for you to get out of bed in the morning…
And why you feel like your body just isn't what it used to be.
But here's the good news.
Research also shows cells with longer telomeres “act” younger than cells with short ones. This means long telomeres are associated with strong, energetic cells. And when all your cells are strong and energetic, you'll feel that way too.
Now, you may be thinking… If telomere shortening always happens as you age, where is the good news?
I've Found a Way to Increase the Length of Your Telomeres — and Your Enjoyment of Life!
You have an enzyme in your body called telomerase. Its entire job is to lengthen your telomeres.
And eight years ago, scientists developed a way to activate telomerase.
As soon as it came out, I tested this telomere technology on myself. Because I never give my patients anything I wouldn't take myself.
After taking this revolutionary treatment, my cardiopulmonary age came down to 21.5. Which means I have the heart and lungs of a college kid. And I have more energy and endurance than guys in their mid-20s. All while I'm pushing 60!
When I saw those results, I felt the future open up for me — and my patients. Like my life wasn't going to slow down for a long time. Like a movement had begun — and I was the first member. But I wanted as many people as possible to feel the pure joy I was feeling.
Which is why I immediately went to work to make this discovery available to EVERYONE.
Because here's the thing. When this revolutionary telomere support technology first hit the market, it was hard to access and very expensive. The price began to fall, but very slowly.
So I conducted my own research. And what I found was a blend of nutrients that can support your telomeres at a fraction of the cost.
Since then, I haven't stopped perfecting my telomere support formula. Each version has been more powerful and youth-boosting than the last.
A growing number of my patients and readers are already experiencing the transformation that comes with longer telomeres. And the absolute joy that comes with being a member of the “new young.”
People like my patient Andrew. People who haven't stopped enjoying their lives in their 70s, 80s and beyond.
That's why I'm writing to you today. I have a special announcement about the newest version of my telomere support formula.
But before I tell you the news, I want to show you…
The FULL Power of Supporting Your Telomeres
In 2010, Harvard researchers conducted a revolutionary experiment.
They started with mice with short telomeres. These mice were predictably old, infertile and frail.
But when the researchers activated the mice's telomerase, something truly amazing happened.
Within a month…
The old mice began looking and acting like young mice.
Their brains gained healthy function. Their organs were running in tip-top shape. Their fur had a youthful sheen again. They could smell as well as when they were young mice. Once sterile in their old age, they began having sex and reproducing again! 5
That's the true benefit of anti-aging medicine. Not just living longer — although the mice did live long, full lives. It's about living longer AND better.
Even though getting older is unavoidable, you don't have to accept age-related decline. You can join the ranks of the new young with a simple blend of nutrients.
The new young are happy to live longer because their bodies are full of energy and vitality. Living to 100 but stuck in bed just isn't on their docket.
This is what 72-year-old Andrew said when I started him on this youth-boosting nutrient blend…
“In the first few weeks I felt a kind of urge for joy and the general feeling I was in charge.”
And soon after, he went on his safari to see the sacred white lions. To me, Andrew is the perfect example of the new young. At an age when most people think they've seen everything, Andrew had a life-changing experience. It turned his whole world upside-down.
He felt connected to the Earth…
He felt “in charge”…
He felt new.
You already know you have a lot of life left to live. But if there's anything Andrew's story proves, it's that you can give yourself the power to live an abundant life — no matter your age!
In other words, a full life doesn't have to be a fantasy just because you're not as young as you used to be. Your age no longer has to have power over you.
YOU decide how to spend your time. YOU decide what you want to do. YOU decide how you're going to live. NOT your age.
All you need are the right nutrients to support your telomeres. So…
I've Worked Non-Stop to Bring You the Nutrients You Need to Get Back to Your Prime
In recent years, I've made HUGE strides in the field of telomere support.
Just my first formula had 16 natural nutrients designed to support and maintain your telomeres. Some that were up to 10 times more powerful than the first telomere support technology I tried. I called it Essence.
Then, to make it MORE powerful, I made the formula into a powder. To make it easier for your body to absorb and use the formula's youth-supporting power. I called it Ultra-Essence.
The following year, I found a new group of telomere-supporters and added them to my formula.
One of the superstars in that formula is a mineral that is essential for producing telomerase in your body. And telomerase is the only enzyme that can increase the length of your telomeres.
In fact, NASA found this mineral to be the single most important nutrient for keeping astronauts healthy. Because they found that your cardiovascular system ages 10 times faster in space than on Earth. So naturally this precious telomerase-boosting mineral is perfect for our brave space travelers.
I called this formula Telo-Essence. It was the single best formula I had ever created as a doctor…
But that's no longer true. Why?
Well today I'm proud to announce…
The Most POWERFUL Youth-Enhancing, Telomere-Supporting Formula
the World has EVER Seen
I'm making it available to you TODAY. I call it Telo-Essence II.
Telo-Essence II
In my research I found 11 NEW nutrients — in addition to the 30 of the previous formula —that give your body the power to make cells with longer telomeres.
Those cells will be younger. Healthier. More energetic.
And you'll feel that way too.
And even though I've added a HUGE list of new ingredients, I haven't raised the price one red cent. So you'll pay the same amount for a far more powerful formula. And I've made sure to keep Telo-Essence II a powder so your body can fully absorb these powerful ingredients.
As of right now, I have enough jars for my most dedicated subscribers. But as you can imagine, revolutionary ingredients like these are hard to come by. So once I've sold out, it's hard to say when this one-of-a-kind formula will be available again.
BUT I've reserved just enough to make sure my auto-ship patients never miss a jar. And trust me, once you've tried Telo-Essence II, you won't want to go a day without it. Because among the new ingredients is…
New Telomere Technology #1: Turmeric
You probably already know about the amazing benefits of this humble root. It's well-known for its mighty antioxidant powers and its impressive ability to promote the body's natural response to harmful stimuli such as irritants or injuries.6
But as turmeric makes more of a stir with its HUGE potential for promoting optimal health, more scientists are coming to study it…
And unlocking anti-aging secrets they couldn't have imagined.
But I already knew turmeric had untold benefits. It has been a staple of Ayurvedic medicine — the oldest surviving school of medicine — for thousands of years. These ancient Indian healers may not have known why turmeric worked so well, but the proof was in the results.
To this day, elders in villages in northern India have the best daily functioning of nearly any elderly group in the world. 7
So the newest studies aren't surprising at all. They're all just confirmation that I HAD to get turmeric extract into my telomere support formula.
But there's one study in particular that got my attention…
Scientists at the Salk Institute developed a compound directly derived from turmeric called J147.
And when they tested J147 on mice…
They found it mimicked the results of the revolutionary Harvard mice study I told you about.
The researchers were astounded. They said…
“We did not predict we'd see this sort of anti-aging effect, but J147 made old mice look like they were young.” 8
In particular, “when these mice were treated with J147, they had better memory and cognition, healthier blood vessels in the brain and other improved physiological features.” 9
Turmeric may not be on mainstream medicine's radar. But it's already set to be a superstar in anti-aging medicine.
Another study cemented turmeric's starring role in my anti-aging telomere formula.
It shows that certain turmeric extracts can actually enhance telomerase activity. 10
That means longer telomeres and younger cells. And a younger you.
No more feeling limited by age-related decline. No more wishing you had the energy to do what you want. No more FEELING old!
And remember, that's just ONE of the 11 new ingredients in Telo-Essence II. Next up is…
New Telomere Technology #2:
The next all-star in Telo-Essence II is known as achu-mooda in South India, but it has many names around the world.
And it might not be as exotic as you think…
This anti-aging powerhouse has been hiding in plain sight for a long time. Scientists recently found this herb is a highly active antioxidant 11, so it's ideal for any anti-aging regimen.
But I've discovered the extract from this common herb is even more powerful than previously known.
Researchers found the extract helps with telomere maintenance by providing the backbone for rebuilding.12
So what is this mystery telomere turbocharger?
English parsley.
It's one of the best-kept anti-aging secrets out there. And while you might get some benefit eating it from time to time, Telo-Essence II has one of the highest doses available on the market. To give you the longest telomeres possible.
And remember, when your telomeres stay long, your quality of life improves, not just the length. So your cells will be younger for a longer time.
And to round out Telo-Essence II's "Big Three," I've added…
New Telomere Technology #3: Quercetin
You can find quercetin in small amounts in certain fruits and vegetables, red wine and green tea. Its supercharged antioxidant properties are already well-known. But new research shows that quercetin increases telomere stability 13 and can prevent telomere shortening. 14
Mark my words: quercetin is set to be a big player in the fight against aging.
And remember, there are 8 MORE brand-new ingredients in Telo-Essence II.That's 41 age-fighting ingredients in all.
As soon as I saw how powerful these new ingredients were, I had to get them into my formula — and into your hands. Because…
I Want YOU to be the Newest Member
of the New Young
It has been my life's mission to expand the ranks of the new young and bring the joy of youth to as many people as possible.
And because your age doesn't have to dictate how much you enjoy your life.
In fact, I believe you should enjoy your life MORE as you get older. Here's what I mean.
Early in adulthood, you have the health to do what you want… but not much else. Not a lot of money since your career is just beginning. And not a lot of free time since you're working hard to build that career.
It's only in your later years that you have the money, time and wisdom to truly enjoy your life.
The only thing standing in your way is age-related decline.
It's a shame, but as you get older, you start to feel like you're slowing down. Your body just doesn't work like it used to. And it makes you feel very unlike yourself.
But there's a feeling you can't shake. A feeling that it doesn't have to be this way. A feeling that you don't have to accept age-related decline as a part of getting older.
It's a feeling so many of my patients have had before coming to see me. And I say…
You're right.
Your doctor might tell you this slowdown is a “natural” part of aging…
But it's just not true.
By supporting your telomeres, you can keep your mobility and your independence.
And that's what every single member of the new young knows for a fact. They've lived it.
I've told you plenty about my patient Andrew. But like I said, he's not the only one. There's…
Michael, who Turned 24… on His 60th Birthday!
One of my telomere patients received quite the gift on his 60th birthday.
After putting him on a telomere support regimen, we found that his lungs were the equivalent of a 24-year-old's.
This was huge.
Because your lungs are a critical indicator of your overall health. In fact, doctors involved in the groundbreaking Framingham study concluded your lungs are the number one predictor of health. 15
So you can imagine Michael's absolute glee when he found out his lungs were so young.
Not only that, but his neurological age has come all the way down to 29. Showing he has the quick wit and brainpower of a man less than HALF his age.
And if you think Michael's story is amazing, wait until you meet…
Martin, who went on a World-Famous
500-Mile Hike!
Here's what Martin told me.
“Dr. Sears, it's on! I'm going on the trip of a lifetime and I'm so grateful to feel this good!
“It's a 500-mile pilgrimage in Spain, where I'll be hiking at least 10 miles a day for 50 days. And if I hadn't come to see you, I would NEVER be doing this.”
You see, Martin is almost 70 years old. And before he came to see me, he had an enormous list of health issues. He had no energy, and he had very little hope left.
He just wanted to live life on HIS terms.
So when Martin came to me, I got him started on the most powerful health regimen I know of — telomere support.
Just five months later, he told me, “I feel great now. I feel probably better than I have in decades. I'm just a healthier person. And I'm even more excited about how I'll feel as time goes on.”
And soon after, he hiked the Camino Franc├ęs. The journey follows rugged terrain up high mountain passes 4,700 feet above sea level, down through sweltering hot valleys and coastline, with weather changes that can go from hot sun to dense fog and hail all in the same day.
The trail is 500 miles through France, Spain and Portugal to the town of Santiago de Compostela, where people believe the Apostle St. James is buried.
And what made it all possible was supporting Martin's telomeres.
Martin is a proud member of the new young. And while his story is extraordinary, he's not alone.
This Age-Defying Group is Growing
Bigger Every Single Day
Martin went for a 500-mile hike. What an incredible once-in-a-lifetime journey to make.
But there are members of the new young doing amazing things all the time. Things most doctors would consider “impossible” for people their age.
Like my patient Helen Klein. She just broke the world record for marathoners aged 85 to 90…
By over an hour.
Or Bob Hayes. At 82, he regularly runs 50-mile races and outperforms competitors DECADES younger than himself.
A friend and colleague of mine, Dr. Bill Andrews SWEARS on telomere support.
“I'm Hooked on this Stuff. I'll Never Stop Taking It…”
“The most remarkable effect I've experienced — and continue to experience — is physical endurance. I'm an ultra-marathon runner. I do one every month. These races are anywhere between 50 and 100 miles long. Now keep in mind… I'm 56 years old. Before I started taking this telomerase activator, I was lucky just to finish. Now I'm winning events in my age class. It's incredible. And when I finish these races, I'm not even fatigued. I'm as strong at the finish line as I was when I started. It feels like I've just gone for a stroll in the park.
My vision improved too. In fact, I went to my optometrist and he actually had to reverse my prescription to make it weaker. I really notice it when I'm shaving in the morning and I don't have my glasses on. I can stand straight up. I don't have to lean in over the sink so that I can see my face.
I'm hooked on this stuff. I'll never stop taking it… I'm afraid I'll lose the incredible gains I get when I run.”
And this Revolution is Only Getting Started
You can join the new young TODAY. All it takes is supporting your telomeres with the right nutrients.
Mainstream medicine might get on the bandwagon in 10 years, but you can start growing younger right now!
Imagine playing with your grandkids — and giving them a run for their money.
Or going on a hike through Yellowstone National Park with BOUNDLESS energy.
Or maybe you'll be the next record-breaking marathon runner in our ranks!
The sooner you start supporting your telomeres, the sooner you'll reap the benefits of your newfound youth.
If you start now, today will be a day you grow younger — instead of older.
Click below to order Telo-Essence II — and join the new young today!
To Your Good Health,
Al Sears, MD
Al Sears, MD, CNS

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